In most cases, an international shipping company should be able to understand your shipping needs, and pick out the most reliable logistics solution that will move your cargo in a timely manner and at a pocket friendly rate.

ATACO Freight Services

A good transport company should also be able to offer these following services:

Customs clearance – Efficient international shipping companies forwarders should also help with the completion of customs paperwork on your behalf inclusive of payment of tax duties to customs. Other documentation may include: Bills of Lading, Certificates of Origin, letters of credit or any documents required by banks before payment is released.

Insurance – A reliable and good freight forwarder should be able to recommend and supply insurance services that insure your cargo in case of loss or damage.

Logistics and supply – Supply chain has a lot of facets that shipping companies are very knowledgeable of, including and not limited to customs consultancy, contract logistics services, and other value additions.

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