Over the years, the aviation sector has grown to be the most effective means of cargo transportation in a safe and timely mode. Compared to the commonest substitutes, for example, trucks and boats, air cargo transformed the shipping sector, and this has reduced shipping durations for freight across the globe as goods could be transported more quickly. Companies across the world and the continent of Africa suddenly had access to products that were once impossible for them to access due to time and price hurdles.

This allowed the cargo airlines to reduce prices and make products easily accessible to the general public. Companies could accumulate profits by taking advantage of these competitive prices, allowing cheaper consumer products and offering more opportunities to venture into other productive sectors.

Another benefit of air shipment is security. Air transportation is the safest transport mode globally, unlike road and water transportation, with common accidents resulting in cargo loss more often.

Airlines have also handled measures to ensure that staff or third parties do not interfere with cargo. With technological advancements in cargo handling, such as cargo tracking, air shipment provides a secure and safe mode of transport for both goods and products.


The worldwide response to the COVID-19 global pandemic is a prominent example of the importance of air cargo services, mainly internationally. Major cargo airlines have played a vital role in the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Since vaccines require low temperatures and quick travel, the value of the first doses means security ought to be topmost. Rather than risking the health of others by using slow modes of transport, air cargo accelerates transportation. Its speed and friendly cost will continue to save lives by delivering valuable health equipment during this pandemic.

In the future

While international travel has been widely restricted within 2020, air freight has continued to play an essential role in cargo transportation, with some passenger airlines operating cargo-only flights to help meet the new orders. As the world’s economy recovers from its 2020 downswing, air cargo carriers and affiliates proceed to play an essential role in letting businesses respond to economic upswings in years to come quickly.