With Marine insurance, you can be sure of claiming damages to your cargo or shipment when using water as a mode of transport. Marine transportation causes the most worry because of the natural occurrences which could harm the cargo in transit.

Marine insurance covers all goods against risk in transit from point of load to the point of offload. The policy could also cover against further risks at the warehouse for an agreed period of time depending on the insurance company you choose. All bulk purchase of shipment from outside or within the country warrants that the marine cargo insurance policy protects against all risks. That’s why when dealing with professional freight forwarders or transportation companies in Uganda, ensure to inquire about marine insurance and whether they could recommend some good ones for your specific need.

Currently, we are sensitizing the public on the requirement by law that all insurance has to be undertaken by local insurance companies

Mr Paul Kavuma, CEO Uganda Insurers Association

Source: The Daily Monitor

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Tip: To avoid losses when purchasing marine insurance, insure with a local insurance firm so that you may avoid travel expenses to claim for the damage.