We often hear many importers & exporters ask: “Where could I find reliable transport companies or freight forwarder in Uganda?”

The simple truth to that is that finding a great transport company or freight forwarder in Uganda is actually rather easy. And here is a check list to use when searching for a freight forwarder to move your cargo or shipment for you or your company to and fro Uganda:

Cargo Type

Most freight forwarders in Uganda are able to ship almost any type of cargo, though some freight forwarders are more experienced with a specific type of commodity or cargo. For example, if you are looking to import or export cold foods, then you will need a freight forwarder who has refrigerated shipping experience.

Modes of Transportation

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Some logistics companies in Uganda only offer LTL(Less than Truck Load) shipping. There are other logistics companies in Uganda that offer more than LTL, they offer sea freight, air freight, truckload as well as inter-modal shipping. If you need to use multiple modes, then you have to seek a freight forwarder that offers all major services.


As the saying goes in the logistics world, “A freight forwarder is just as great as their reputation.” Do your due diligence and gage the reputation of the freight forwarder.

A great transport company would pass all the above.

ATACO Freight Services - international freight forwarders-freight forwarders uganda-transport companies uganda-import-export


The top freight forwarders offer insurance to protect you against major risks while your cargo is in transit. Ask your freight forwarding company what insurance company they are aligned with, and what the reputation of the insurance company is?

The Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) has set January 2020 as the start date for importers to compulsorily buy marine cargo insurance from local providers

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Research, Research, Research

This relates and emphasizes the third point of “Reputation!” Do your due diligence. Visit their websites and contact them or even visit their offices. It would make perfect sense for you to understand what the freight forwarding company does.